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Red Wine May Relieve Essential Tremors

Now here’s study that hit home after our recent voyage to Piedmont and Tuscany.

A recent study suggests that drinking red wine for an extended period of time significantly reduces the risk of essential tremors (not Parkinson’s per say), that is involuntary, continuous movements that may intensify with age.

The research comes from enrollees gathered from neurological clinics across Southern and Central Italy. According to the research in the Wiley medical journal Movement Disorders, four or five glasses of red wine per day, for 30 years or so, provides the most benefit.

Furthermore, when the scientists compared nearly 100 married couples, where one spouse is healthy and the other suffers from essential tremor, those who drank four or five glasses of red wine daily had an 86 percent lower risk of developing tremors. At three glasses per day it stood at a 65 percent lower risk.  As usual, the explanation centers upon the long term protective effect of antioxidants provided by red wine.
The study, however, contains a few limitations. For example, of the 22 wine-drinking subjects who developed essential tremor during the study, 19 fit the lifestyle profile of the category with the least risk; drinking more than three glasses of red wine daily for more than 30 years.

As usual, researchers are very cautious to extrapolate too much from such studies.  Even if such results proved to be conclusive in the future, drinking four to five glasses of wine daily (for thirty years), would likely leave many of us unable to perform work or leisure duties the following day. 

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